What is Rotary Youth Exchange?

"In Estonia, a student from Australia gets a taste of life in a newly independent nation; in Japan, a South African student makes an earnest, whimsical attempt to eat with chopsticks; in the USA, a group of students from around the world come together to help clean up after a hurricane; and in Finland, a Brazilian student makes a snowman for the first time.

All of these scenarios were made possible by Rotary Youth Exchange. Since 1929 students and host families all over the world have had their horizons broadened and their lives enriched by the generosity of Rotary's Youth Exchange program.

Exposure to new cultures and ways of life can foster a better understanding between people from different lands. That understanding can be the foundation upon which lasting peace and harmony can someday rest."

The Rotary Club of Fairy Meadow has supported the Youth Exchange program for many years in both sending students overseas and hosting students from such countries as Brazil, Germany, Finland and Japan. This is a program whereby a student is selected by the District Committee and travels to another country for one year to study and be an ambassador for his/her country.

The cost of travel each way is paid by the parents, but other expenses are paid for by the Rotary Club in the nominated country. An exchange student generally has three to four host families over the twelve months.

Who can participate?

Senior secondary students in good health who on the day of departure have turned 15 years but be not older than 19 years (a different age range may be agreed by participating Clubs and District).

Enquire here
about eligibility to participate in the Rotary Youth Exchange Program.

Read more about the Rotary Youth Exchange program at the
Australian Youth Exchange website.

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