Summer holidays; news from Toni Pearcey

Toni recently arrived in France where she will spend about one year attending school during term-time and staying with Rotarian hosts from Rotary La Rochelle in District 1690.

From: Toni Pearcey
Sent: Friday, 20 August 2010 9:30 PM
To: albert
Subject: The summer holidays


These summer holidays have been really good-though a bit long being about 3 months. I have been on a weeklong camp with all of the southerners - the whole 10 of us (will be greatly out numbered when the 29 new northerners arrive). It was good, practically no adults, with some stuff organized for us to do, like canoeing/kayaking - were we made good friends with the staff since there were a bit older than us. tree climbing, exploring, relaxing at this small village, campfires and all sorts of things. I have lived on l'ile de re for a week, 2 minute walk from the beach, lots of bike riding, more relaxing.  Ate some kangaroo in a restaurant here -as you do- which the French did it justice.

I have been to Pau (south France) to say good bye to a Taiwanese, with a couple of auzzies, got to visit the area a bit. Got a chance to wake board with this current family and I am proud to say that I was successful at it. Also a 4 day sailing trip, which defiantly was a good experience, fishing Marceau, sleeping on the boat, becoming incredibly brown from the sun, first day been sea sick (luckily it was the only day of it) but still it was really good fun.

The holidays aren’t quite over, school starts on the 2nd September, but until then I still have another trip, shall be going to England tomorrow to go and see the family, I shall be there until the 31st, that will be great fun. then on the first I shall be going to my final family of the year, I am also looking forward to that, since it means no more changing, and i can relax.


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