RC Fairy Meadow supports a poultry project in Ongeche Kenya

The Rotary Club of Fairy Meadow has made a donation to PIYE Inc to build a poultry facility in Ongeche near Kisumu in Kenya.

The Poultry Project involves:
  • The construction of a poultry house with fencing for free ranging, and a storage shed for feed and other supplies.
  • Training of 2 community members in the management of the poultry project.
  • Purchase of 400 laying hen chicks, which will be raised and matured into layer hens, for the production of eggs. The eggs will be sold to generate income.
  • Ongoing management of the poultry project, including care for the chickens and maintenance of the infrastructure.
Benefits to the Community:
The benefits of the Poultry Project to the community are:
  • Direct employment for 3 people; 2 workers to manage the project on a day to day basis, and one watchman (for night security).
  • Economy stimulation through purchase of services (e.g. training) and through recurrent costs.
  • Knowledge building, skill building (construction, training, management and sales).
  • Financial benefit from the sale of eggs Nutritional benefit from consumption of eggs (e.g. school feeding program).
  • A positive sense of change, a sense of progress, opportunity and hope.
Time Line
The purchase of materials and construction of the facility is expected to take two months. The training of two suitable community members will be conducted towards the end of the construction, so that the completion of training coincides with the completion of the construction of the poultry house.
Two week old chicks will be purchased once construction, including fencing, is completed. These chicks will be cared for and raised to maturity. At six to seven months old, the chicks would have developed into laying hens, and will commence their laying. Laying hens typically lay for a period of two years.
Nyanza province in Kenya typically experiences a rainy season from March to June. Construction of the poultry facility will commence after the rainy season, allowing approximately one month for the land to dry out. At times, the rainy season ends early, indicated by no rainfall in May.

The time line for the two scenarios is provided below.

Scenario 1 – Rainy Season ending early (indicated by no rainfall in May)
June – July 2010: Construction
July 2010: Training of 2 workers to manage the Poultry Project
August / September 2010: Purchase of 2 week old chicks
February 2011: Laying hens will start to lay

Scenario 2 – Rainy Season ending in June
August – September 2010: Construction
September 2010 Training of 2 workers to manage Poultry Project
October /November 2010: Purchase of 2 week old chicks
April 2011: Laying hens will start to lay

Project Sustainability
The two week old layer chicks will start producing eggs at six to seven months. Eggs will be sold at the local markets and to local restaurants and hotels in Kisumu and Ahero. Profits from the project will feed back into the project to cover recurrent costs such as the workers fees and the cost of supplies. The project is expected to be self-sustaining after 18 months.

After two years the chickens will reach the end of their laying life cycle. At this stage, there is potential for some sales of the chickens for meat. This income may be used to cover the cost of purchasing further chicks.
Profit from this project will be fed back into the community and go towards funding further projects. In addition surplus eggs can be provided to facilitate a school feeding program (Phase 4) to improve the health conditions of the community children.

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