ShelterBox’s greatest challenge yet

This story sourced from the ShelterBox UK website
Emergency Pacific Appeal
Emergency Pacific Appeal

This week a succession of catastrophic large scale disasters have hit areas around the Pacific, leaving thousands without shelter. This series of unprecedented and devastating tsunamis, typhoons & earthquakes hit the region leaving entire communities in need of help.

Boxes of aid are desperately needed; please give a donation to this appeal to help ShelterBox respond rapidly.


The Indonesian island of Sumatra has been struck by two earthquakes in less than 24 hours.  Yesterday, the first earthquake caused buildings to collapse and fires to rage in the city of Padang.  A second earthquake hit the island early this morning, causing further devastation.  ShelterBox are already sending volunteers and boxes.

On Tuesday, an 8.3 magnitude earthquake caused a large tsunami that crashed into Western Somoa, American Somoa and many other islands in the South Pacific.  The islands have been left shattered, with thousands of homes destroyed and a rising death toll. Again ShelterBox has sent a team of volunteers to assist.
Over the weekend the Philippines was hit by the hugely destructive Typhoon Onday (Ketsana), ShelterBox immediately sent a team of volunteers who have witnessed thousands of people evacuated to churches and municipal buildings. They say the conditions are unimaginable.  The typhoon has been described as ‘one of the most damaging storms of recent years' for this region.

This has been one of ShelterBox's most challenging set of deployments to date and we are urgently appealing for donations to enable us to alleviate the suffering of hundreds of thousands of people across the globe who have lost everything in the last week.    

Call now on: Donations hotline - 0300 0300 500 or if you are calling from outside the UK +44 300 0300 500. To make a donation online please click here

Thank you for your support.   

This story sourced from the ShelterBox UK website

Read a news release from ShelterBox Australia here.

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