Heart Safe Fairy Meadow

Starting on Monday 15 April club members will be visiting businesses in Fairy Meadow explaining our current project in Fairy Meadow which is the installation of two publically accessible Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs) in the Fairy Meadow area so that most businesses and retail outlets will be within a short distance of an AED should the need arise.

One will be conveniently placed in the Ambience Building just outside the entrance to Coles. The other will be at the Fairy Meadow Community Centre on the corner of Cambridge Avenue.

The Rotary Club of Fairy Meadow, in conjunction with Wollongong First Aid, will be offering free non-accredited training by an accredited trainer in the use of one of these devices to those who work in offices and shops between Cabbage Tree Lane and Balgownie Road plus those in Daisy Street and Elliott’s Road. In addition to this initial training the club will be providing ongoing refresher course training on an annual basis.

If members of your business would like to take part in this free non-accredited training (about one hour duration) please register on-line here. You will then be contacted and offered a couple of dates and times for training at a place near to your place of work in Fairy Meadow.

You can read the Advertiser article here.

Please note for those concerned about liability when assisting someone in an emergency you are protect by:

CIVIL LIABILITY ACT 2002 - SECT 57 Protection of Good Samaritans
A Good Samaritan does not incur any personal civil liability in respect of any act or omission done or made by the Good Samaritan in an emergency when assisting a person who is apparently injured or at risk of being injured.

Source: 'New South Wales Consolidated Acts', AustLII , 2019, Accessed: 22nd February 2019, http://www5.austlii.edu.au/au/legis/nsw/consol_act/cla2002161/s57.html


April is Maternal and Child Health Month


Heart Safe Fairy Meadow is coming.


Razzamatazz 2019 back at the Woonona-Bulli RSL

Members of The Fairy Meadow Rotary Club would like to announce the names of the organisations who will be supported in 2019 with the proceeds from our next Razzamatazz shows to be held back at our normal venue The Woonona-Bulli RSL. The show date is Tuesday 16 April 2019 which is during school holidays. There will be three shows; confirmed at 10:30 a.m., 1:00 p.m. and 3:30 p.m.

Sponsorship by local businesses provides tickets for the children to see the shows and the Festival also raises invaluable funds for local and national causes. 
Hundreds of local children will be thrilled by the antics of the performers at one of the three Razzamatazz shows put on by International Entertainers.

This fantastic, international variety show delights the children with magic, clowning, juggling, balancing, puppetry, acrobatics and exceptional comedy routines. 

Many of the audience have to deal with illness, physical disability, emotional trauma and/or severe financial difficulties on a daily basis so an outing like this really lifts their spirits and brings them well needed joy and laughter.

If your community group is not on our mailing list to receive tickets to one of the shows please apply to the secretary by clicking here 

Proceeds this year will also benefit:

Ongoing drought support in New South Wales for farmers and farming communities.

Wollongong Homeless Hub

Opened in October 2013, The Wollongong Homeless Hub is a one-stop-shop for homelessness resources.

Clients are able to access multiple agencies from a single point. Computers, photocopiers, fax machines and telephones are offered free of charge to people accessing services. 

Community engagement officers are available for support and other support services are also available to clients.

The homeless hub is located at 1/1 Young Street Wollongong and can be called on (02) 4228 0955
Wollongong Homeless Hub has developed a number of ongoing projects including, Community Mover’s, the first purpose built shower and laundry and Breakfast Program, these programs run from the one location to help further support the homeless.

Life Education Illawarra.

Life Education is the largest non-government provider of drug and health education to children and young people, Australia wide.

Life Education Illawarra’s mission is to empower young people in the Illawarra to make the best choices for a safe and healthy life. This is achieved through leading drug education programs, which are driven by the popular Life Education mascot Healthy Harold the giraffe.

Life Education’s programs have a strong focus on resilience, nutrition, exercise, drugs and alcohol.

Life Education has been helping to empower students to make healthier choices for 32 years. With over 40 mobile learning centres across NSW each year Life Education visits over 50 Illawarra schools to deliver important program to hundreds of children.

They are a registered charity, independent of both government and religion.

Members of The Rotary Club of Fairy Meadow would like to thank all the local businesses who sponsor tickets for these shows and bring so much pleasure to so many children and their families as well as supporting other worthy local and state wide groups.


March is Water and Sanitation Month


February is Peace and Conflict Prevention/Resolution Month


January is Vocational Service Month


Useful information...

The RC of Fairy Meadow
P O Box 124
Fairy Meadow NSW 2519

More useful information

ABN 91 030 033 840

Charitable Fundraising Number 14939 (valid until 13/03/2022).

To check this registration go to https://www.onegov.nsw.gov.au/publicregister/#/publicregister/search/Charities

and enter either 14939 or Rotary Club of Fairy Meadow in the box provided and press search

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